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Transition California members are some pretty amazing folks and many of them have businesses, products, services, or organizations that they are pumping their life force into on a daily basis and we all want to support each others efforts.

directory is organized by town so you will be able to more easily find your neighbors as well as those who live in other towns across California who may have exactly what you are looking for or project that you may want to become involved with. We are starting out with two pages - one for businesses and one for orgs and expand as needed with the goal of keeping it easy!

The towns will be in alphabetical order and the listings will also be alphabetical. As things grow we can add pages for Northern California and Southern California. If things keep growing then we can further divide the state up so that the pages are not a half mile of scroll down :-)


What to send:

  • 200x200 jpg photo or logo
    **For those of you who do not have access to a photo editor or
    have other limitations we will size if for you**
  • Brief description of business, product, service, or organization
  • Use the 'wordcount' tool in Word Docs

Please send your business/organization info and any questions to:

Please put "TCA BIZ/ORG" in the subject line


Please go to the discussion below to give your feedback and ideas. Posh Directory for Member Products, Services, & Projects being developed

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