Invitation to Join "Peoples' Equity Union" Discussion and Organizing Initiative

Please join us in an attempt to make socialism real.

Join the Yahoo discussion group: .

This is a discussion group that aims to realize the eutopian ("good place") socialism goals of the Peoples' Equity Union , a comprehensive neighborhood/inter-community/inter-regional worldwide ecological economic redevelopment organization with the mission of and based on the principles of equity, humanity, inclusion, quality of life, peace and sustainability.

We, as a unified world, need to radically change the ways in which resources are allocated to and within communities and within and amongst economic sectors. Let's discuss how we can accomplish this in a world way past its eleventh hour.

Especially for the youth and children.

With much love and care,

Mike Morin

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Thanks for sending this invite...I want to invite you to an Oakland Resilience Alliance meeting that is happening this Thursday the 28th @ 704 39th St. Oakland CA. 94609. I am really interested in how we can achieve equity in our movements...We will also have speaker coming down who is the founder of Community Weaving , which you migh like...
Hi Ashel,

Thanks for the note, and thanks for the invitation.

I am in Eugene, Oregon. otherwise I would attend.

Not many in the transition movement seem to be concerned about equity. It seems to me to be a very elitist movement, typical in a very elitist country.

I don't know if you know or know of Van Jones (from Oakland), author of "The Green Collar Economy". He is quite spot on about his assessment of the classist, racist nature of the green movement, the environmental movement, whatever you may want to call it. He writes and speaks of the inclusion and involvement of "blacks" and "Latinos" and other "minorities" as being a pre-condition for any transition to a "green economy" to occur. Such is dealt with, if indirectly ( I always include equity and inclusion as fundamental principles), in the other works that I have posted and as any precondition for a formation of a Peoples' Equity Union.

Van, like so many others in the "green movement" is naive about alternative technologies and renewable resources. The key is rebuilding neighborhoods to make them more sedenatry and community oriented (while building equity), thus greatly reducing the need for fossil fuels for personal transportation (automobiles). If done right, it could produce an amazing amount of good jobs and equity opportunities,

Ashel, read the other three "position papers" that I have posted to this website. I'd like to get your comments.

Consider joining us at: .

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Best wishes,

Mike Morin


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