Hi everyone,
I thought youd be interested in a chapter/eBooklet I wrote that includes material about how we got started 7-8 years ago showing FiLMs ("progressive" documentaries) in bars, restaurants, outdoors, libraries, basements, rooftops, churches, etc. Some of it is dated (in terms of various films and the prices of the technology, i.e., prices of video projectors have plummeted since we first began, from $2500 to $700). The "Appendix" comes from a book we published called SUSTAINABILITY: Radical Solutions Inspiring Hope. More details about the book can be culled from HERE.

The PDF is attached. Any discussions, questions, comments are indeed welcomed. We might even move this discussion thread to include successful stories about film events as well as what didnt work.

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Thanks, Bob, for making this available. It's a real gift! This book is a great help to Transition Initiatives who are just getting started with the awareness-raising phase of the process.
Bob - We have been showing "transition" films for about 3 years, and feel that we are still showing mostly to the choir...how can we get larger community buy-in?
Ann Waters Weller said:
Bob - We have been showing "transition" films for about 3 years, and feel that we are still showing mostly to the choir...how can we get larger community buy-in?

Hi Ann... The eBook might have some suggestions and you have a great local paper that is read by a non-"choir" audience so you have a good thing happening right there.

Some suggestions:
• you might want to explore some social networking publicity avenues.
• ask people where they heard about it and grow your audience
• create a listserv of people attending and add them to other progressive lists or listservs you already have
make sure all the media knows about your film screenings.
• tell the media that they can attend for free
• I never consider the people "choir" since most often they will not be in agreement around all social issues. and even if they are in total agreement, “the choir needs choir practice regularly.” I heard that one from someone else and I like it.
• show some more "normal" type of films: comedy, food films, political, family films, inspirational movies.
• Also, I would highly recommend (and of course this takes more effort) that you have a panel, some food, music and create a lively discussion. Also as part of what Rob has done get the people talking BEFORE the film event with a simple suggestion of speaking to your neighbor about why they are here for the film?

thats all for now.

good luck.
We showed GOOD FOOD with a short film about a family joining a CSA and a pot luck and a discussion about Transition Towns. We had about 20 people for the potluck and then 60 total for the film. and everyone stayed for the discussion. Before everyone was about to leave (after the film screening) I got up there quickly after the film and said that we will be awhile since Jim needs to work out some details with his laptop so while we are waiting why not share with your neighbor about the film. They all stuck around and stayed for the discussion. I was shocked to also find out that half of the people came from WORD OF MOUTH and half came from emails. That is very good news!!! We rarely use flyers anymore; its such a drain. We dont have those cool window glass cases all around Willits that people can post flyers in... I see you have used them. they are awesome. I wish we had them. Do you ask your audience if they see them there or come from those flyers in those glass cases?

hope this helps.

Thanks so much for sharing the eBook on screening films. One resource I recently found online was http://snagfilms.com/films/browse/topic It has some movies that Hopedance has screened like "Super Size Me" and "What would Jesus Buy". They have easy ways to put the movie player on websites to help further promote the movies.
Bob et al,

My experience screening films at Dominican University (my workplace) is that getting a good turnout depends upon getting the word out to local political, environmental and/or related organizations. It also helps to have the filmmaker or a related person of note present to lead a discussion of the film. And at a school, offering extra credit to students also helps.

John Duvall
thank you


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